Custom Office Furniture manufactuered in new jersey

Our focus

Furniture Contract Manufacturing

We build to your design needs for office furniture, medical furniture and hotel furniture. We realize your vision in furniture.

Our Process

Our four-step process involves consultation, design, visualization and creation to deliver the exact product that you have envisioned. Our team works closely with your organization to ensure that what we create matches your requirements and aesthetics exactly.

Products Offered

Whether you plan on furnishing a school, health care facility, an office or another workspace, we’ll make what you need. At Advanced Office Furniture, we deal in desks, lockers, workstations and everything else you might require.


Since 2003, Advanced Office Furniture has completed many projects for office furniture, school and hospital furniture. We built a manufacturing facility to meet the demands of our discriminating customers to offer them the quality and customization they require.

About Us

Metro NY

Advanced Office Furniture was started in 2003 to provide the Metro NY-NJ Market with high quality office furniture and superior customer service and delivery. As we grew our business, we realized a need to provide custom furniture quickly to support our customers. In 2015 we made the bold step by opening a manufacturing facility, enabling us to respond faster to our customers while providing better quality and workmanship. Today, Advanced Office Furniture acts as a custom contract manufacturer of furniture, designed and produced to match specific cost, quality and durability specifications. We work with project managers and dealers in the office furniture, education, and medical furniture markets to bring their dreams into reality, staying within their budgets.

  • Offices
  • Health Care
  • Schools
  • Benches & Tops

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